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2001 Messages

 1-7-01am Holy Ground  (communion)  Part I    Exodus 3
1-7-01pm Holy Ground   Part II  Exodus 3
The Beatitude Series
1-14-01am Blessed are the Poor in Spirit  Mat. 5
1-14-01pm Blessed are those who Morn  Mat. 5
1-21-01am Blessed are the Meek  Mat. 5
1-21-01pm Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst  Mat. 5
1-28-01am Blessed are the Merciful  Mat. 5
1-28-01pm Blessed are the Pure in Heart   Mat. 5
2-4-01am Blessed are the Peacemakers   Mat. 5
2-4-01pm Blessed are the Persecuted    Mat. 5
2-18-01 Ready to Run:  AWANA 500 sermon
The Faith Series:  based on 6 habits of effective churches by George Barna
2-11-01 Loving by Faith. (Ruth) Ruth 1
2-18-01am Living by Faith.  (Gideon) Judges 6
2-18-01pm Telling your faith.  (Philip)  Acts 8
2-25-01am Experiencing your Faith (Noah)    Gen. 8
2-25-01pm Giving by faith (rich young man)       Mat. 19
3-4-01am Sharing the Faith (good Samaritan)             Luke 10
3-4-01pm Enjoying your Faith? (Timothy)    I Tim. 6
3-11-01am Growing Through Overcoming.  Acts 6
3-11-01pm Growing Through Worship  Gen. 32
3-18-01am Growing Through Going   John 1
3-18-01pm Growing Through Charity.  Mat. 25
4-1-01am How Far Will You Go With Jesus?  Part I  John 6
4-1-01pm How Far Will You Go With Jesus?  Part II  Mat. 26
4-8-01am How Far Will You Go With Jesus?  Part III  Zech. 9
4-8-01pm How Far Will You Go With Jesus?  Part IV  Luke 22
4-12-01 Maundy Thursday Meditation  
4-15-01am Do You Have A Nail?  Luke 23
4-15-01 Sunrise:  Wonders in the Dark?  Psalm 88
4-22-01 Will You Roll The Stone Away?  John 11
5-6-01am Who Do You Say That Jesus Is?  Mat. 16
5-6-01pm Going Where No One Has Gone Before?  Mat. 16
5-13-01am Fan the Flame.  II Timothy 1
5-13-01pm How Can I Love the Lord?  Deut. 10
5-20-01am the One Anothers.  John 13
5-27-01 How to Build a Memorial.  Mark 14
God's Champions Series
6-3-01am Champion Joshua:  A New Beginning.   Joshua 1
6-3-01pm Champion The Widow and Her Gift.  Mark 12
6-10-01am Champion David:  The Real Champion.  I Samuel17
6-10-01pm Champion Rahab:  The Scarlet Cord.   Joshua 2
6-24-01am Champions of God:  The Watchman.  Ezk. 3
6-24-01pm Champion Samuel:  The Call.  I Sam. 3
7-01-01am Champions Joshua and Caleb:  Go Against The Grain:

Numbers 13

7-08-01 Champion Nehemiah: The Heart of a Champion, Neh.1
7-22-01am Champion Jabez: The prayer of a Champion, I Chron.4
7-29-01am Champion Paul and Silas:  God's Millionaires, Acts 16
8-05-01am Champion Food:  God's New Diet. Communion Neh.8 
8-05-01pm Champion Lazarus:  A Poor Champion  Luke 16
8-12-01am Are you Going Fishing?  Luke 5
8-12-01pm The Choice is Yours.  Daniel 3
8-26-01am Who Are You?  II Corinthians 6
8-26-01pm Teacher's Appreciation-Thank You!  I Thes. 1
9-02-01am Working Smarter!  John 6
9-02-01pm Every Member a Minister  II Corinthians 3
9-09-01am This Little Light of Mine  Mat. 5
9-09-01pm Give the Gift of Life.  Acts 3
9-16-01am T R U S T    Proverbs 3
9-16-01pm Who's The Boss?    Esther 4
9-23-01am Making Known the Unknown God.      Acts 17
9-23-01pm The Lost, The Lonely, and The Least  Luke 19
9-30-01am How Can I be Born Again?    John 3
10-14-01am Not Ashamed!  II Tim. 2
10-21-01am The Future of the Church  Jer. 29
10-28-01am The House that Love Built (Child Dedication)  I John 4
11-04-01am Come Together.  (Communion)  I Cor. 11
11-04-01pm Worship the Lord  I Chron. 16
11-11-01am  Endurance, Endurance, Endurance  (Vet's Day)  II Tim 2
11-11-01pm What in the World Does God Want?  Deut. 10
11-18-01am Why Give Thanks?  (Thanksgiving Sunday)  Rev. 11
11-25-01am What's The Charge?  II Tim. 4
Face To Face    (Christmas Series)
12-02-01am Mary's Story.  (Part 1)  Luke 1
12-02-01pm Joseph's Story  (Part 2)  Mat. 1
12-09-01am The Shepherd's Story.   (Part 3) Luke 2
12-09-01pm The Wise Men's Story.  (Part 4) Mat. 2
12-16-01pm Simeon and Anna's Story  (Part 5) Luke 2
12-23-01am The Bethlehem Story  (Part 6) Luke 2
12-30-01am I am a Child of the King   Is. 63



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