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CREW is a ministry of the Fayetteville Ministerial Association.

CREW meets weekly in the Fayetteville High School and the Fayetteville Middle School.

CREW is a volunteer gathering of believers to worship and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

CREW is designed to help students develope and grow in the Christian life by

providing a atmosphere of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and encouragement

to all who choose to attend the meetings. 

Everyone is welcome to become a member of CREW!

CREW in the FHS.

CREW in the FHS is held each Wednesday during lunch and pizza and soda pop are served to all.


CREW in the FMS

CREW in the FMS meets each Thursday during exploratory.  

We have two CREW meetings to allow for all who choose to attend.

First CREW is made of the 6th grade class and 

Second CREW is made of the 7th and 8th Grade classes.


CREW is a ministry of the Fayetteville Ministerial Association

Rev. Ron George—Fayetteville Baptist Church  574-1074 [email protected]

Rev. Bob Coulter—First Church of God    574-1138                                [email protected]

Rev. David Stackpole--United Methodist Church 574-0187:                        [email protected]   

Rev. Adrian Pratt--Fayetteville Presbyterian Church:  574-0446                          [email protected]      

Rev. Harry Fuller—Gatewood Baptist Church   574-3521       [email protected]

Rev.  Robert Morey  Christ Fellowship Church - 574-2531            [email protected]

Rev. George Snyder—Pleasant View Church of the Brethren    574-3948

Fayetteville Baptist Church

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